We have started selling A casual version of ougi.
A simple tote bag with a single color, you can glimpse the color from the inside of the slit.
The simple tote bag is refined by incorporating Japanese-style sensibility, and is an item that can be used in unisex.
The M size can be hung on the shoulder, and it has 3 pockets inside, and it is functional with a snap button type opening and closing, and it can also put into an A4 size.
A bag that you can take with you for work or going out.

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With countless historical sites and heritages, Kyoto is popular amongst tourists both within and from outside Japan.
Here you can find a wide selection of alluring souvenirs, from traditional confectionery to unique novelty items.
We bring to you the fine gems of Kyoto to your doorstep. もっと見る

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