We ship quality and tasty Japanese confectionery to your doorstep.
A set of 3 different matcha flavored boxed sweets from Kyoto at value price.
Enjoy the rich fragrance and sweet taste of matcha in 3 different forms.

Set includes:
・Kyoto Matcha Mille-feuille (8 pcs) x1
・Kyoto Matcha Cookies (27 pcs) x1
・Kyoto Matcha Waffles (8 pcs) x1

【Kyoto Matcha Mille-feuille】
Mille-feuille with smooth matcha filling
The cream filling sandwiched in the crispy mille-feuille is so smooth and melts in your mouth. The matcha fragrance is also good. I would like to get it again.

【Kyoto Matcha Cookies】
Slightly bitter rich cookies
The cookies are so light and crispy that you just keep reaching for another. Their mild sweetness makes them unstoppable…!

【Kyoto Matcha Waffles】
Light-textured waffles with smooth bean paste filling 
The waffles are soft and easy-to-eat sizes. The Japanese bean paste is so tasty too!

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With countless historical sites and heritages, Kyoto is popular amongst tourists both within and from outside Japan.
Here you can find a wide selection of alluring souvenirs, from traditional confectionery to unique novelty items.
We bring to you the fine gems of Kyoto to your doorstep. もっと見る

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Kyoto takara seika

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