This product is woven with Nishijin-ori gold and silver silk thread, and it has a completely different look due to sunlight and light.

The newly developed "ORI-ZARA" brand is a vessel that uses special technology to weave silk threads into glass. This technology is used in daily life. When the plate is accidentally broken, it can prevent the fragments from flying. Please use it with peace of mind.

Material: Glass, PVC  Production place: Japan


・When cleaning, please wipe gently with a soft cloth, do not rub hard.

・After cleaning, wipe the water droplets with a cloth to extend the life of the product.

・Please avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or placed in high humidity and high temperature places, which may cause deformation or discoloration of the product.

・This product cannot be used in direct fire, microwave, or oven.

・Please do not use this product for dishwashers and dryers.

・Although this product has the function of preventing the shards from being scattered when it is broken, there is still a possibility of small glass fragments flying away, and the broken part may be sharp. Please stop using it and dispose of it properly.

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